The Carbide Cutter G4

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Rugged reliability and simplicity give the Carbide Cutter G4 skid steer mulchers the consistent on-demand performance that vegetation management and right-of-way operators need. The Carbide Cutter line started with a vision to produce a higher performance cutting and mulching head. Now, through four generations of relentless field use and refinement, the Carbide Cutter G4 has earned the reputation as the finest machine in its class. The result is a skid steer mulching head with performance that surpasses expectations every time.

High Efficiency Piston Motor
More Giddy-Up From Your Horses: A piston-style motor delivers the hydraulic power available at approximately 97 percent efficiency compared to gear-type motors measured in the mid-80s. Choose from fixed displacement or variable displacement drives.


Carbide Cutter Extremevm-carbidecutter-ex-hydro-overview

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This hydraulic-drive tree and brush cutter is built for a variety of prime movers up to 300 horsepower. The Carbide EX Hydro efficiently cuts and mulches up to 10-inch diameter material, intermittently cuts larger diameter material and cuts trees or brush with the same teeth.


Timber Ax. Nonstop Versatilityvm-timberax-overview

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If you can count on one thing, it’s the unexpected – you never know what kind of brush and vegetation you may be facing next. The good news is that you have the versatility of the Timber Ax. Engineered to take on the widest variety of brush-cutting challenges, the Timber Ax will produce a cleaner looking site with a more consistent particle size.

Knives – Brush’s Worst Nightmare:

Extreme-duty Timber Ax knife blades are constructed of a special alloy, making them tough and durable. Their design also allows for easy sharpening on the machine, as well as quick replacement if damaged.


Flail Mowersvm-flail-mower-skid-steer-overview

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Loftness flail mowers aren’t intended for well-manicured residential laws or golf course fairways: They’re built for the thickest, nastiest and most overgrown areas on a property. With the ability to cut grass, weeds and brush up to
1-1/2 inches in diameter, a Loftness flail mower is one efficient way to tame a backyard jungle.

Hydraulic Speed and Power for a Clean Cut.

Loftness designed the hydraulic-driven flail mower to take advantage of the power and versatility of skid steers. Easy to operate and maintain, the Loftness skid steer mounted flail mower is packed with high-performance features that power through the toughest grasses, weeds and brush.